Address:Building C4 No.10 Jianchuang Road.Opto-Mechatronics Industry Park of Zhongguancun Science Park,Tongzhou Distric,Beijing



Beijing YUEJI Industry Co., Ltd. is a general contractor which specializes in providing technical solutions for long-distance & heave duty belt conveyor,which is also a National High-tech Enterprise. Company owns dozens of national patent, YUEJI has a high visibility and recognition in the industry for the technology research and development strength, equipment manufacturing capacity, business market share etc ,which has been hailed as a "conveyor technology experts"."YUEJI brand "belt conveyor was rated as "China machinery industry quality brand".YUEJI Company is the director unit of China Heavy Machine Industry Association and the Vice-director general of its belt conveyor branch. YUEJI is one of the major drafter for GB standards (Safety regulations of belt conveyor),also the drafter of "Belt conveyor","Machinery vocabulary" ,"Tube belt conveyor","Walled belt conveyor".

In the past ten years, YUEJI Company, with the concept of “Deal with complicated issue,one must pitch in the easy aspect; Look forward to the ambitious, one have to start from slight place“ ,focus ed on the details and quality . The technology and products of YUEJI have been widely used in the building material,metallurgy, coal, power plant, seaport, chemical industry etc and are exported to more than 50 countries .

At present, YUEJI company has established complete solution system including EPC、BT、BOT for customers.

In the future,YUEJI company will keep on supplying Superior-quality Products, Efficient treasure creation, Providing decent jobs, YUEJI will still struggle to devoting herself to be one of internationally excellent corporations with Sustainable Operation and Harmonious Development.

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